Travbyen will support the coming residents in taking joint responsibility for the climate, for nature and for each other. The development of the area will prioritize nature and biodiversity and focus on investments in climate-friendly constructions and create the framework for a climate-friendly lifestyle.

Group 8

Climate-friendly constructions

Travbyen should raise the bar for sustainable urban development and support construction projects with a low climate footprint. The buildings in Travbyen must be built from materials with a low climate footprint. It can be natural materials or recycled materials. The houses must be of good quality, so that the buildings last a long time and can be used for different things over time. 

Climate-friendly everyday life

In Travbyen it shall be easy, natural and fun to live a sustainable life.

The neighbourhood will be designed for bikes and pedestrians with common parking facilities for electric cars and car sharing. The residents will be supported in facilitating sharing options for food and everyday consumption and there will be established smart solutions for sharing guest rooms, flexible work spaces etc. to minimise the individual square metre use per resident and the carbon footprint associated with this.

In addition there will be focus on sharing knowledge and tips about leading a sustainable lifestyle e.g. waste sorting, energy consumption or climate friendly shopping alternatives. 

Nature and biodiversity

In Travbyen, nature and people shall be able to thrive in balance. In the green heart in the middle of the area, there will be space for nature to unfold and by letting nature grow on roofs, facades and between houses, the natural biodiversity will be strengthened. 

The neighborhood could also have space for kitchen gardens and small animal farms, which the residents can share, and in the wild green heart you may go on adventures, get lost or spend the night in a shelter.