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Travbyen - a new neighbourhood in the Capital of Children

The former trotting track in Billund will over the coming years be developed into a new neighbourhood in the Capital of Children. A special place where play, learning and creativity are at the core of everything we do.

Travbyen will be developed in an open process

Billund must be the world's best city for children and adults. In order for Travbyen to become a special gathering place, Billund's children and citizens are invited to provide their ideas for how the vision for the new neighborhood can be realized.

Building on values

Travbyen is developed on the basis on four values, which describe the overall goals for the neighborhood. The values will be used to develop and design Travbyen's urban spaces, buildings, homes, institutions, shops, common facilities, etc.

The values do not determine what buildings and urban spaces should look like or how large they should be, but what should characterize life in the new neighborhood.

The Green Heart

Travbyen will have a big green heart in the center, where nature can unfold. The green heart occupies over half of the area and grows in between the houses, which are gathered in clusters around smaller green spaces. The green heart will strengthen the area's biodiversity and give residents the opportunity to be in close contact with nature.

A lifestyle focused on sustainability

Travbyen must be a neighbourhood where it seems easy and natural to make more climate-friendly choices in everyday life. The neighbourhood will be designed for pedestrians and cyclists with shared parking facilities for electric cars and shared cars, amongst other things.

The residents are supported in establishing sharing schemes for food and everyday consumption, and smart joint solutions are established for sharing, for example, guest rooms and home workplaces, so that you can reduce your personal space consumption.