Facts about Travbyen

Read more about the construction timeline and what we are building in the first phase. 

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The first phase of the construction of Travbyen is well underway. We are building 180 homes, and if all goes according to the plan, the first residents can move in at the end of 2026. Registration starts in mid-2025.

We broke ground on April 9, 2024. This initiated the construction of build zones 1-4, Playline, the green heart, and the community house. Phase 1 is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

In 2024, we will start planning the next phase, which includes youth housing, a daycare center, and permanent parking.

The start dates for subsequent phases are not yet decided. Therefore, we do not yet know when Travbyen will be fully developed.

  • What will be built in Travbyen?

    Travbyen will be a mixed neighborhood with about 550 homes and shared facilities for residents.

    We are establishing a large green area called 'the green heart' and extending Billund's play path 'Playline'.

    Additionally, we are creating space for small local shops, permanent parking, and a daycare center.

  • When will the construction begin?

    The first phase is already underway, including 180 homes, the "green heart," Playline, and a community house.

  • When will the new neighborhood be fully completed?

    The neighborhood will be developed in stages over several years, with no final completion date set.

  • How many homes will there be, and what types?

    In Travbyen, approximately 550 homes will be built. In the first phase, expected to be completed by mid-2026, 180 homes with 2-5 rooms will be built:

    • 51 townhouses (54-149 m²)
    • 113 apartments (41-129 m²)
    • 16 urban villas (116-143 m²)
  • Can you sign up for a housing waiting list?

    From mid-2025, we expect to be ready for registrations, including specific information about the individual homes.

    By signing up for our newsletter, you will be among the first to be informed when we begin the sale and rental of homes.

  • Can you buy a building plot?

    Building plots will not be put up for sale in phase 1, and it is still uncertain whether this will be an option in the future.

  • What type of businesses are expected in the area?

    We want to create a vibrant neighborhood for residents, citizens, and tourists, which is why we have made space for small businesses to establish themselves in Travbyen.

    The plan for Travbyen allows for a few small shops or cafes to create meeting places and liveliness in the district. This could include the opportunity to buy a cup of coffee, an ice cream, or a sandwich, or it could be a small pottery workshop.

  • Will residents have a say in the neighborhood?

    The community in Travbyen should be developed, nurtured, and run by its residents. Therefore, we will establish a neighborhood association, allowing residents to influence the development of community activities and shared facilities.

  • Is Travbyen open to non-residents?

    Travbyen aims to be a vibrant neighborhood that connects Billund and complements the activities, commerce, etc., flourishing elsewhere in the city.

    The green heart and Playline are areas that everyone can use.

  • How will parking be managed?

    Travbyen is designed to make sustainable living easy, natural, and enjoyable. The district will prioritize pedestrians and cyclists with shared parking facilities to create a green and safe environment.

    Three large parking houses will include electric charging stations and car-sharing schemes to accommodate most vehicles. Some homes along main roads will have parking options for residents with mobility issues and disabilities.

    While it will be possible to drop off items and furniture near homes, most residents will not be able to park directly at their residence.

  • What common facilities will there be?

    Travbyen aims to be a diverse neighborhood with strong community bonds, where residents can easily leave their mark and shape their communities.

    Emphasis will be placed on creating excellent resident-driven meeting places for gatherings in both large and small communities across generations and nationalities. This includes a community house and various shared facilities like workshops, exchange markets, and utility gardens.

  • What sports and exercise opportunities will there be?

    In Travbyen, there will be ample opportunities for play and physical activities both indoors and outdoors.

    The aim is to introduce sports not currently offered by city associations, such as street basketball, skateboarding, climbing, yoga, dance, disc golf, crossfit, and more. We seek further dialogue on what is missing. If you have a good idea, please send us your suggestion.

  • Will Travbyen be suitable for finding peace despite tourists and community activities?

    The houses will be built in clusters with courtyards, providing more private spaces for residents. Many homes will have balconies or small private gardens. The climate-related soundproofing requirements will ensure that the homes feel very private.

  • Will Travbyen only be for families with children?

    We aim to develop Travbyen as a diverse neighborhood that can accommodate people of all ages and family compositions, with various social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

    When we talk about play in the neighborhood, it's in the broadest sense of the word. For example, cooking classes, dance schools, workshops, pétanque, etc., can be playful activities for children, youth, and adults. The layout of the streets and architectural solutions will also have playful expressions, inviting exploration.

  • Will there be a kindergarten?

    Billund Municipality has committed to building a permanent daycare center in Travbyen.

    Already in 2023, a temporary daycare center, Gyngetræet, was established at the northern end of the area, accommodating a total of 60 nursery and kindergarten children.

  • Will there be activities for young people?

    Young people are an important part of the town, including in the new neighborhood. We aim to continuously offer places for young people, both outdoors and within buildings. Additionally, in the next phase, we will work on housing for young people in the form of smaller studios/apartments.

  • Will there be grocery stores or larger shops?

    The area will not be designated for grocery stores or larger shops. The aim is to retain commercial activity in the town center while supporting small local initiatives, such as an ice cream shop or a small café, to create vibrancy in Travbyen.

The team behind Travbyen

Travbyen is being developed by a project team from KIRKBI in collaboration with advisors, contractors, and architects. Travbyen is a team effort, and we all work every day to ensure that the project's values and visions become a reality.

In the photo from left to right: Frederik Sandberg (Operations Manager), Morten Astrup (Technical Operations), Christian Aaen (Building Administrator), Helle Thostrup (Legal Manager), Peter Secher (Project Leader for Authorities, etc. - not in the photo), Tine Heide Straarup (Branding and communication), Jan Haaning Thomsen (Project Leader for Housing), Tanja Angelika Hansen (Project Assistant), Trine Søndergaard Dahl (Project Leader for Community House and Experimental Buildings), Christian Nørgaard (Project Manager), Torben Dahl (Project Administration)