Travbyen will be developed together with everyone in Billund who are interested in joining and giving input. Before the construction can begin in 2024, the area will be filled with a lot of activities to create life and meeting places for citizens and tourists.

Group 8

A place to hang out

Temporary Playzone

Playzone is a temporary activity area in Travbyen. A place where you can hang out with friends, be active, creative, celebrate events, and most importantly - a place where you can have fun!

For the active

Temporary bike track

Everyone is welcome to come and try out Travbyen's bike track – both beginners and experienced riders. The track was created in collaboration with Billund Cykelmotion and with input from children. With an area of 52 x 34 meters and a height of 9 meters at its highest point, it's a treat for bike enthusiasts. Come and check it out!

Green fingers

Community gardens

Children in local Billund's schools have designed Travbyen's community gardens for all school classes to use. The gardens have a tool shed for watering cans, wheelbarrows, and gardening tools. Later, a greenhouse with solar-powered lighting will be added, which can be used both for plants and for social gatherings.

Indoor activities

Café Staldsvinget

The former café has been transformed into a public community house that can be used by everyone. Find more information here 

Up we go

Co-creation tower

Pupils from Filskov Friskole has been working with the subject "Art in nature". With inspiration from other artists, they have established a tower in Travbyen, from where it is possible to get a view of the entire area. 

In open air

Temporary shelters

In the fall and winter of 2022, FDF Billund designed and built a shelter area where you can stay overnight, hang out with friends, cook under the stars and be close to nature. When the weather gets warmer, the place will be ready for a cozy overnight stay in Travbyen.

For children

Temporary obstacle course

Come and experience Travbyen’s obstacle course, designed and built by Billund’s local children! The obstacle course offers challenges of varying degrees for both kids and adults – parents can join in too.

Overview of temporary activities

Click on the image viewer to see the temporary activities and their location in the area.

  1. Temporary Playline
  2. The machine hall and Playzone
  3. Café Staldsvinget  
  4. Open space by the lake and Pavillion #3
  5. Hilly landscape and gravel depot
  6. Combined Mountain Bike and BMX track and Pavillion #2
  7. Entrance gates and information boards
  8. Venue for the School Olympics
  9. Plant nursery areas 
  10. Mobile shelters with fire ring and furniture 
  11. School gardens and Pavillion #1
  12. Obstacle course with recycled materials from the trotting track

Do you have a good idea?

KIRKBI would like to hear ideas and suggestions from anyone with good ideas for the new neighborhood, for example temporary activities in the area.

You can submit your proposal using the contact form below. KIRKBI use your personal information to respond to your inquiry and will in some cases contact you to find out more about your proposal or further dialogue in order to include any proposals received in the development of the area. You can read more about processing of your personal information in the privacy policy.